Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Logan's Heroes!

So the other day I went to Logan's Heroes for lunch and it was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh. I have Never had a sandwich like the one I had there. I think that everything tastes better there. It's right on Main Street in Logan. It's a great place to have a sandwich place so close to campus!! It was only six dollars too! Jeez...I'm telling you that you need to stop by there if you have a minute. You won't regret it

Candy Machines!! That's a plus.

This is where I sat :)

He was enjoying his sandwich :)!

The place had a really cool look to it as well. They had one of those old cash registers which was really neat. They also have a giant awesome looking cactus inside as well. Logan's Heroes has a lot of booths that you can sit at OR a bar with tall stools. It sounds silly but that's where I sat and loved it :) 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting it done at the Library!

It is SO nice to have a library that is close to the center of campus. It is very convenient because when you get done with class, it's easy to stop at the library to get at least a half hour of studying in so the information is fresh on your mind :) There have been many times where the library has saved me because it can be hard to study in my apartment with all the distractions that are there like roommates, noises, your bed....and food ha. At the library it is easy to get things done and focus, but at the same time you see people that you know so it's fun to have a break every now and then to talk to a friend, and then jump right back in to studying and doing homework. 

Books on SALE!!!

Also, you can take a nap ANYWHERE in the library!! I have seen people in the weirdest places sleeping :) I've seen people sleeping on chairs, tables, under the stairs, etc! The library here at USU is a comfortable place! There are helpful resources and friendly people that work here. Oh man....it's great to know that you can feel comfortable and know that it's a good environment :)

Nap time :)

Looks Cozy :)!

GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Talk About Convenient

THANK YOU! Especially in the winter, sometimes you don't want to drive your car in the snow just because it can be hard to get around. There are shuttles here at Utah State that stop at numerous places around campus. They come every few minutes so you NEVER have to wait too long to get on the shuttle. Also, it's nice because instead of driving in your car with maybe one or two other people that you know, on the shuttle it is very easy to make conversation and meet other people. The shuttle drivers are ALL so kind and welcoming! And.....you don't have to pay!!!! Imagine that..something that you don't have to pay for...I know it's crazy, but SO great :)

Isn't it cute?!

It's SO convenient!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beaver Resort!!

Whoo!!!!!!!!!!!! Skiing at Beaver was SOOOOO much fun! I went with a big group of friends and we had a BLAST!! It was the perfect day to go :) The sun was out, the snow was great, and the different hills were awesome! The people that work at Beaver were incredibly nice and especially helpful because they were kind enough to slow down the lift sometimes when I was about to get off haha. I guess they didn't like the domino affect that my friends and I displayed every now and then getting off the lift :) 


Too much fun :)

There was plenty of powder and there weren't any icy parts going down the hills. There are a few difficult hills, but it's a TON of fun :) I went on a black diamond hill a couple times where there were a ton of mogles! I am not necessarily a fan of the mogles, but I went down it anyway and survived....slowly but surely in one piece.

CRAZY fun!

Only a taste of what it's really like at Beaver Mountain

 GO TO BEAVER MOUNTAIN!! It's close to campus and it's fun to drive through the beautiful canyon to the resort and have a great time with a bunch of your friends :)!!

GO AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


OH WOW!!! The snow keeps getting deeper and deeper. It's awesome. I want a massive snow storm and I mean MASSIVE...if I know that I'll be safe :) I love how the snow looks on the trees and mountains. It is SO pretty! This weekend we had a snow storm that was on and off. There was one point where it was snowing pretty hard! It was sweet. I've already been out doing doughnuts, throwing snowballs, and sledding down different hills in Logan. 

Good thing I bought a heavy duty snow scraper.

So much SNOW!!

It looks so perfect.

Golly it's Beautiful!

It's SO pretty here in Logan all the time. I like how there's a variety in the weather and how everything looks outside. It makes it interesting!! 

Man, I love Logan.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hot Tub!

One late evening, me and some friends were thinking that finals were beginning to stress us out. We were more down than we usually were and wanted to do something to cheer us up, or make us feel better. We came up with the novel idea of going hot tubbing! There are many hot tubs throughout Utah State housing, along with swimming pools. We went to Legacy and met up with some friends that lived there. It was SO much fun!! Afterward, we felt so much better and less stressed :)! 

The hot tub was nice and spacious!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Adding a Little Something :)

It's time to get into the Christmas spirit! Me and my roommates decided that we were going to add some bedaz to our dorm room. We brought a lot of things from our houses and put everything up. We brought Christmas lights, a cute little tree, ornaments, candy canes, candles, and of course mistletoe. It was SO much fun to dec the place out!! We listened to Christmas music as we put everything up. I am so excited for Christmas and it was great to decorate our place according the holiday season. It feels a lot more at home and comfortable. Since we all brought different things, the room has a little piece of each of us. I love looking at the place and feeling happy. I advise anyone reading this that is going to be going to college, already in college, or just want a good idea, to add personality to where you are living. It honestly puts you in a better mood and makes you feel more at home. Being yourself and showing that is so awesome because you are able to stand out and others can see a little piece of what you like and what your style is. It's fun!! There are so many different things that you can do to make your place YOU and have it how YOU like it :)! If your living there you might as well make the best out of EVERYTHING!! 

Wrapping the lights on the tree!

So Happy!!

Working on it :)

Oh how fun!

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree